Our People

At Tomkin we are committed to engaging with our customers; fostering talent; working with respect, diversity and dignity; and contributing to our communities. We benchmark our superior customer service by working as a team and respecting our workplace and the environment.

The Tomkin team is led by our smart and passionate management, people who embody our core values. Passionate also describes our hardworking and knowledgeable staff, many of whom have over 15 years of commitment to the business behind them and all who provide expertise in their area of specialty and who come to work to deliver on the Tomkin reputation of first class service.

Christine Siryani

Position: Purchasing

Email: christine_siryani@tomkin.com.au

Years Employed: 23

Jeremy Hawkins

Position: Customer Service

Email: jeremy_hawkins@tomkin.com.au

Years Employed: 13

Sandy Page

Position: Retail Sales Manager

Email: sandy_page@tomkin.com.au

Years Employed: 3

Warren Nunn

Position: Product Developement

Email: warren_nunn@tomkin.com.au

Years Employed: 6

Hugh Scott

Email: hugh_scott@tomkin.com.au

Years Employed: 6

Andre Kandarges

Position: Customer Service

Email: andre_kandarges@tomkin.com.au

Years Employed: 8