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Shakers and Strainers

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Cocktail shaker-acrylic 3pc 650ml 04147  Cocktail shaker-acrylic 3pc 650ml Quickview
Cocktail shaker-s/s 375ml 07949  Cocktail shaker-s/s 375ml Quickview
Cocktail shaker-18/8 base with glass 07950  Cocktail shaker-18/8 base with glass Quickview
Cocktail shaker-s/s base only 07950-B  Cocktail shaker-s/s base only Quickview
Mixing glass for 07950 shaker 07950-G  Mixing glass for 07950 shaker Quickview
Cocktail shaker-s/s 3pc 750ml 07951  Cocktail shaker-s/s 3pc 750ml Quickview
Cocktail shaker-350ml 77061  Cocktail shaker-350ml "elite" Quickview
Cocktail shaker-500ml 77062  Cocktail shaker-500ml "elite" Quickview
Cocktail shaker-700ml 77063  Cocktail shaker-700ml "elite" Quickview


Strainer-bar/hawthorn s/s 07952  Strainer-bar/hawthorn s/s Quickview