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Proofing basket rect 120x270mm thermo 31580  Proofing basket rect 120x270mm thermo Quickview
Proofing basket rectangular orange 130x350mm thermo 31581  Proofing basket rectangular orange 130x350mm thermo Quickview
Proofing basket rectangular blue 140x420mm thermo 31582  Proofing basket rectangular blue 140x420mm thermo Quickview
Proofing basket round 190mm thermo 31583  Proofing basket round 190mm thermo Quickview


Pastry brush 18/10 como 32924  Pastry brush 18/10 como Quickview


Funnel-80x85mm polypropylene white 31080  Funnel-80x85mm polypropylene white Quickview
Funnel-100x105mm polypropylene white 31081  Funnel-100x105mm polypropylene white Quickview
Funnel-120x125mm polypropylene white 31082  Funnel-120x125mm polypropylene white Quickview
Funnel-140x155mm polypropylene white 31084  Funnel-140x155mm polypropylene white Quickview
Funnel-180x200mm polypropylene white 31085  Funnel-180x200mm polypropylene white Quickview
Funnel-18/10 120x140mm PD2562-12  Funnel-18/10 120x140mm Quickview
Funnel-18/10 140x170mm PD2562-14  Funnel-18/10 140x170mm Quickview
Funnel-18/10 200x200mm PD2562-20  Funnel-18/10 200x200mm Quickview
Funnel-18/10 250x250mm PD2562-25  Funnel-18/10 250x250mm Quickview
Funnel-18/10 300x300mm PD2562-30  Funnel-18/10 300x300mm Quickview


Baking gloves 400x150 mitt reinf w/cuffs thermo 31590  Baking gloves 400x150 mitt reinf w/cuffs thermo Quickview
Baking gloves 274x150 reinf palm & thumb thermo 31591  Baking gloves 274x150 reinf palm & thumb thermo Quickview
Baking gloves 310x140 multi reinf to 240°c thermo 31593  Baking gloves 310x140 multi reinf to 240°c thermo Quickview


Cooling rack-740x400mm no legs 10316  Cooling rack-740x400mm no legs Quickview
Cooling rack-740x400mm with legs 10320  Cooling rack-740x400mm with legs Quickview
Cooling rack-gn 2/1 650x530mm 10321  Cooling rack-gn 2/1 650x530mm Quickview


Dough scraper-s/s 150x90mm 1pc 03025  Dough scraper-s/s 150x90mm 1pc Quickview
Dough scraper-s/s 150x75mm wood hdl 03026  Dough scraper-s/s 150x75mm wood hdl Quickview
Scraper-bowl rubber blade 250mm 03037  Scraper-bowl rubber blade 250mm Quickview
Scraper-bowl rubber blade 350mm 03038  Scraper-bowl rubber blade 350mm Quickview
Scraper-bowl rubber blade 450mm 03039  Scraper-bowl rubber blade 450mm Quickview
Dough scraper-s/s w/pe hdl 150x75mm 03056  Dough scraper-s/s w/pe hdl 150x75mm Quickview
Dough scraper-plastic 125x85mm 30852  Dough scraper-plastic 125x85mm Quickview


Fondant smoother 01448  Fondant smoother Quickview


Cake stand-315x85mm revolving thermohauser 31000  Cake stand-315x85mm revolving thermohauser Quickview
Cake stand-315x11mm melamine relvolving thermohauser 31001  Cake stand-315x11mm melamine relvolving thermohauser Quickview


Tubes-7pc star 3mm-15mm thermo 00720-7S  Tubes-7pc star 3mm-15mm thermo Quickview
Tube-star 3mm thermo 00723-S  Tube-star 3mm thermo Quickview
Tube-star 5mm thermo 00725-S  Tube-star 5mm thermo Quickview
Tube-star 7mm thermo 00727-S  Tube-star 7mm thermo Quickview
Tube-star 9mm thermo 00729-S  Tube-star 9mm thermo Quickview
Tube-star 11mm thermo 00731-S  Tube-star 11mm thermo Quickview
Tube-star 13mm thermo 00733-S  Tube-star 13mm thermo Quickview
Tube-star 15mm thermo 00735-S  Tube-star 15mm thermo Quickview
Tubes-7pc plain 3mm-15mm thermo 00740-7P  Tubes-7pc plain 3mm-15mm thermo Quickview
Tube-plain 3mm thermo 00743-P  Tube-plain 3mm thermo Quickview
Tube-plain 5mm thermo 00745-P  Tube-plain 5mm thermo Quickview
Tube-plain 7mm thermo 00747-P  Tube-plain 7mm thermo Quickview
Tube-plain 9mm thermo 00749-P  Tube-plain 9mm thermo Quickview
Tube-plain 11mm thermo 00751-P  Tube-plain 11mm thermo Quickview
Tube-plain 13mm thermo 00753-P  Tube-plain 13mm thermo Quickview
Tube-plain 15mm thermo 00755-P  Tube-plain 15mm thermo Quickview
Decorating tube set- 26pc 00782  Decorating tube set- 26pc Quickview
Decorating tube set- 52pc 00783  Decorating tube set- 52pc Quickview