Kitchenware - Paderno

Tomkin provides a comprehensive range of back-of-house kitchenware solutions, suitable for all commercial hospitality and in-the-home environments. From cookware to bakeware, utensils, storage, equipment and accessories, our products are all manufactured and selected with complete attention to quality and market relevance making them durable, consistent, suitable for their usage and innovative.
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  • Paderno - 0.07lt Ladle (Bowl: 65mm/Handle: 300mm) SKU: PD1970-06 Ladle
  • Paderno - 0.12lt Ladle (Bowl: 80mm/Handle: 320mm) SKU: PD1970-08 Ladle
  • Paderno - 0.20lt Ladle (Bowl: 90mm/Handle: 330mm) SKU: PD1970-09 Ladle
  • Paderno - 0.25lt Ladle (Bowl: 100mm/Handle 370mm) SKU: PD1970-10 Ladle
  • Paderno - 0.33lt Ladle (Bowl: 110mm/Handle 380mm) SKU: PD1970-11 Ladle
  • Paderno - 0.50lt Ladle (Bowl: 120mm/Handle: 400mm) SKU: PD1970-12 Ladle
  • Paderno - 0.75lt Ladle (Bowl: 140mm/Handle: 440mm) SKU: PD1970-14 Ladle
  • Paderno - 1.0lt Ladle (Bowl: 160mm/Handle: 470mm) SKU: PD1970-16 Ladle
  • Paderno - 1.0mm Blade for 370mm Food Mill SKU: PD2575-90 Accessory
  • Paderno - 1.0mm Blade To Suit 02577 SKU: PD2577-90 Blade
  • Paderno - 1.5lt Ladle (Bowl: 180mm/Tube Handle: 750mm) SKU: PD1968-18 Ladle
  • Paderno - 1.5mm Blade for 310mm Food Mill SKU: PD2573-91 Accessory
  • Paderno - 1.5mm Blade for 320mm Food Mill SKU: PD2570-91 Accessory
  • Paderno - 1.5mm Blade for 370mm Food Mill SKU: PD2575-91 Accessory
  • Paderno - 12.8lt Aluminium Colander with Tubular Handle - 360x185mm SKU: 07451 Colander
  • Paderno - 12.8lt Colander with Raised Base - 360x185mm SKU: PD1927-36 Colander
  • Paderno - 12lt Pasta Insert - 240x265mm (Suits PD2105-24) SKU: PD2123-24 PastaInsert
  • Paderno - 12lt Salad Spinner - 330mm Diameter/430mm Height SKU: PD9888-10 SaladSpinner
  • Paderno - 160mm Mesh Skimmer (400mm Handle) - Fine Mesh SKU: PD1991-16 Skimmer
  • Paderno - 17.0lt Aluminium Colander with Tubular Handle - 400x200mm SKU: 07452 Colander
  • Paderno - 17.0lt Colander with Raised Base - 400x200mm SKU: PD1927-40 Colander
  • Paderno - 18lt Pasta Insert - 280x295mm (Suits PD2105-28) SKU: PD2123-28 PastaInsert
  • Paderno - 2.0lt Ladle (Bowl: 200mm/Tube Handle: 750mm) SKU: PD1968-20 Ladle
  • Paderno - 2.0mm Blade for 370mm Food Mill SKU: PD2575-92 Accessory
Showing 24 of 307 Items.