Kitchenware - Unica

Tomkin provides a comprehensive range of back-of-house kitchenware solutions, suitable for all commercial hospitality and in-the-home environments. From cookware to bakeware, utensils, storage, equipment and accessories, our products are all manufactured and selected with complete attention to quality and market relevance making them durable, consistent, suitable for their usage and innovative.
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  • Unica - Unica 3lt Storage Container (Natural) - 255x195x90mm (1740) SKU: 09620 StorageContainer
  • Unica - Unica 5lt Storage Container (Natural) - 280x210x115mm (1750) SKU: 09622 StorageContainer
  • Unica - Unica 9lt Storage Container (Natural) - 355x285x120mm (1760) SKU: 09624 StorageContainer
Showing 3 of 3 Items.